Sofros Silbón 2011

Vino de España




Wine tasting

Yellow-gold hue, clean, and attractive. Smooth-bodied.
Great intensity. Clear and toasted notes from barrels reminiscent of nuts. Slightly bitter finish. Sweet and mellow with accents of tropical fruits and tangerine.
With a hint of sweetness, strong-bodied and biscuity complexity. Very balanced. Lingering, round mouth, and long finish.

Because of its tannic levels and artisanal manufacture, over time this wine can develop lees.


The wine is manufactured in rented premises but we own the silos, the equipment and the casks needed for carrying out all the traditional process.


  • 6 bottles/ cardboard box
  • American pallet: 96 cardboard box (576 bottles)



Technical sheet

  • Wine name and harvest year: Sofros Silbón 2011
  • Designation of Origin: Vino de España
  • Technical Manager: Ramiro Carbajo del Río
  • Production: 600 bottles.
  • Viticulture: This wine is made with Verdejo grape from a checked vineyard located in a territorial area called Rodilana (Valladolid). A 40 yeards old vineyard, 0,5 hectares size, 751 meters altitude and whit a planting disposition in short and whit what is called “vaso” disposition.
  • Soil: Textured sand and lime, good aeration and drainage, rich in calcium and magnesium.
  • Vineyard age:  40 years.
  • Pruning system:  goblet.
  • Grape harvest:  26 of september, harvested in 15 kg. boxes.
  • Grape variety:  Verdejo.

Pre-fermentation process

  • Maceration at 3ºC / 12 hours.

Alcoholic Fermentation

Native yeasts action for 37 days, at 12ºC  (Malolactic fermentation)

Maturing in casks

  • Capacity: 100 liters.
  • Moment of use:  news.
  • Type of oak: french 100%.
  • Oak grain size: very fine.
  • Roast: unroasted.
  • Aging: the wine is kept in oak casks for 36 months.
  • Switches: none.

Physical-chemical properties

  • Alcoholic strength by volume: 14%.
  • Total acidity content: 5,9 gr/l.
  • Residual sugar: 5 g./l.
  • pH: 3,2.
  • Clarification: natural
  • Filtration: Micron to be bottled