Silbón Cariñena 2017

Tinto D.O. Cariñena


Wine tasting

Robust, with bluish rims. “Confectionery” aromas, roasted sunflower seeds, matured and generous, great typicity. Bold on the palate, high concentration without saturation, round tannins, fatty, fruity … very pleasant and nice finish.

Because of its tannic levels and artisanal manufacture, over time this wine can develop lees.



The wine is manufactured in rented premises but we own the silos, the equipment and the casks needed for carrying out all the traditional process.



Technical sheet

  • Wine name and harvest year: Silbón 2017.
  • Designation of Origin: D.O. Cariñena.
  • Technical Manager: Ramiro Carbajo del Río.
  • Production: 3.000 bottles (0.75cl.)
  • Viticulture: This wine is made with old Garnacha grapes, from a vineyard chosen for its orientation and soil at 900 meters of altitude, on the foothills of Almonacid de la Sierra; millenary plots of stones and slate cradled by the Cierzo Northwest wind; grapes with low yields and higher concentrations of aromas and flavours.
    2017 was a year of late frosts, scarce rainfall, and high temperatures: the vintage was 6 days earlier than expected. Reduced production, but homogeneous maturation without tarts or overmaturation.
  • Soil: Slate with some stones on the surface.
  • Vineyard age: More than 50 years
  • Pruning system: Goblet.
  • Grape harvest: 25 of september, harvested in 15 kg. boxes.
  • Grape variety: Garnacha.


  • 6 bottles/ cardboard box.

Pre-fermentation process

  • No

Alcoholic fermentation:

  • In concrete
  • Native yeasts action for 27 days, at 27ºC

Malolactic fermentation:

  • In concrete tank

Barrel aging:

  • N/A

Physical-chemical properties

  • Alcoholic strength by volume: 14,5%
  • Total acidity content: 5,60gr/l.
  • Residual sugar:
  • pH 3,6.
  • Clarification: No clarification
  • Filtration:No filtration