Silbón 2017 Verdejo

D.O. Rueda



Wine tasting

Lemon yellow with touches of Arbequina, shiny and clean. Very complex, explosive, cool and elegant. Citrus hints, varietal bottom notes of peach/pear-cocktail. Fresh, elegant and sweet with good acidity. Slightly bitter finish that will be good for the bottle.


We elaborate in leased facilities, with our deposits.



  • 6 bottles/cardboard box


Technical sheet

  • Wine name and harvest year: Silbón 2017.
  • Designation of Origin: D.O. Rueda.
  • Technical Manager: Ramiro Carbajo del Río.
  • Production: 8.000 bottles
  • Viticulture: This wine is made with the variety Verdejo, coming from a controlled vineyard of 26 years, in formation of trellis, located in the municipality of Rueda (Valladolid). Altitude of 761 m. 2017: Difficult vintage. Frosts (two of them, late April and early May) combined with hail as well as a pressing drought, have been the factors that determined the work of winemakers and grape-growers.
  • Soil: Of gravelly terrain with sandy loam texture, good aeration and drainage.
  • Vineyard age: 26 years.
  • Pruning system: Espalier.
  • Grape harvest: 4 of september, harvested in 15 kg. boxes.
  • Grape variety: Verdejo.


Pre-fermentation process:

  • 6 hours to 3ª C.


Alcoholic Fermentation

  • Duration: 24 days.
  • Temperature: 12ºC.


Maturing in casks

  • On lees suspended for three months.


Physical-chemical properties

  • Alcoholic strength by volume: 13%.
  • Total acidity content: 5,7 gr/l.
  • Residual sugar: <2 g./l.
  • pH: 3,4.
  • Clarification: Natural with cold.
  • Filtration: 0.45 microns when bottling.