Silbón 2017

Tinto D.O. Toro




Wine tasting

Cherry-red with a violet rim, bright. Wild-berry and vanilla bouquet… high complexity. Very fresh, fruity, and juicy on the palate; unctuous and no roughness. Nice lingering aftertaste. Because of its tannic levels and artisanal manufacture, over time this wine can develop lees.


The wine is manufactured in rented premises but we own the silos, the equipment and the casks needed for carrying out all the traditional process.



  • 6 bottles/ wood box
  • American pallet: 96 cardboard box (576 bottles)


Technical sheet

  • Wine name and harvest year: Silbón 2017.
  • Designation of Origin: D.O. Toro.
  • Technical Manager: Ramiro Carbajo del Río.
  • Production: 9.000 bottles (0,75cl) 500 bottles (Magnum).
  • Viticulture: This wine is made from Tinta de Toro grape from different vineyards aged 28 to 45. Soils have been selected in order to nurture its Toro character in keeping with fruits and alcohol content. Chalky, loamy-sandy soils, exploring exposure and orientation. From Venialbo to Toro, through Morales and La Boveda. In 2016, the persistence of high temperatures during a long and endless summer without storms or rains, has led to differences between alcoholic and phenolic maturity and a 15/30-day delay in the harvest date compared to the previous season.
  • Soil: Sediments of sandstone, clay and limestone, with boulders on surface. Low organic matter and this year very balanced acidity and pH.
  • Vineyard age: 29 to 46.
  • Pruning system: Goblet.
  • Grape harvest: 8 of september, harvested in 15 kg. boxes.
  • Grape variety: Tinta de Toro.


Pre-fermentation process:

  • No.


Alcoholic Fermentation

  • Native yeasts action for 17 days, at 25ºC (Malolactic fermentation).


Maturing in casks

  • Capacity: 225 liters.
  • Years of use: new cask and third year.
  • Type of oak: french 100%.
  • Oak grain size: very fine.
  • Roast: medium.
  • Aging: cask new one month and 2 months in cask of 3 years.
  • Switches: 2.


Physical-chemical properties

  • Alcoholic strength by volume: 14,5%.
  • Total acidity content: 5,7 gr/l.
  • Residual sugar: <3 g./l.
  • pH: 3,6.
  • Clarification: No clarification.
  • Filtration: No filtration.