About us

The winery, founded in 2006 after many “dreams”, born with a very clear idea: be original, be within the highest quality scales and also handle balanced prices for all to enjoy wine.

After a long career, (Payment Carraovejas, Baron de Ley, Jacques and François Lurton, consulting to several wineries etc ..). Ramiro Carbajo, along with Florentino Ferrin, a self-taught wine enthusiast who lives only for himself, decided to make “the wine”, which all have in our heads, no conditions, no bosses, no money, no entelechies …

The dream comes true and 12,000 bottles of a single wine, (Sofros) from five and a half hectares of old vineyard are produced and aged in new French oak barrels that are changed every year.


Our philosophy

To get a great wine, we need three vectors involved: land, climate and man’s passion. The winery is not improvised, it takes experience to enrich and time. You need to think, to reflect the path to take, be clear about the production model, be strict with the vineyard, (located in the most suitable terrain) well maintained, adult to obtain the best grapes. A clear idea, know what you want.

Earth climate and passion…

In Winemakers Quintessence, we are satisfied with what has been achieved so quickly, four years, the quality of our wine SOFROS. We realize the ideal model of wine we pursue and this is what requires us extremely meticulous care of our vineyards and our wine making. We want the wine has body and color, find the fruit of the grape and wood that round, without excesses. Our words: harmony, balance and elegance.

The desire to produce the best, over the years and practice. Always improving processes, working with simplicity, respecting the vineyard, processing and aging; The coincidences do not exist in our wine, but is the result of years of hard work through: a vineyard, a tradition, a culture and a willingness to Ramiro Carbajo and Florentino Ferrin that so.

The wine

Toro is the site, 700 m altitude, with a continental climate very pronounced maximum and minimum temperatures. Floors sandstone, clay and limestone, with a profusion of boulders. Equidistant from Valladolid and Zamora, in agricultural Castilla, prefiloxéricos vineyards banner muscular wines and spirits.

The Tinta de Toro and the Spanish patience, sell our wine to haute cuisine, the most prestigious restaurants classified in mejaores guides.Our maxim: sell wine, simplicity and humility, not labels.