Al-nabiz white 2012

Tinto D.O. Ribera del Duero


Desafio 06 2007


Wine tasting

This is a complex and expressive Verdejo variety that never fails to impress the taster. Salty and spicy with oxidative notes but not cider-like. It lingers on the palate. Unctuous and intense. Easy to drink.


The wine is manufactured in rented premises but we own the silos, the equipment and the casks needed for carrying out all the traditional process.



Thecnical sheet

  • Wine name and harvest year: Al-nabiz white 2012.
  • Designation of Origin: D.O. Vino de España
  • Technical Manager: Ramiro Carbajo del Río.
  • Production: 1.000 bottles.
  • Viticulture:This wine is made from Verdejo grape, from a 30-year-old controlled vineyard with trellis system, located in the municipality of Rueda (Valladolid). Altitude: 761 m.
    012 vintage was marked by a drought throughout the year, poor budding because of frost, high summer temperatures and rains in late September, what made the harvest quite irregular and very selective. For this wine, we used leave and cluster thinnings to obtain an optimum ripening of the grapes, aiming for sugar concentration and complexity.
  • Soil: Of gravelly terrain with sandstone texture, good aeration and drainage.
  • Vineyard age: 30 years.
  • Pruning system: “quarante” pruning.
  • Grape harvest: Grape harvest: September one day; harvested in 15 Kg boxes.
  • Grape variety: Verdejo


  • 6 bottles/ cardboard box.

Pre-fermentation process

  • Maceration at 13ºC / 12 hours.

Alcoholic Fermentation

  • Native yeasts action for 20 days, at 13ºC


Physical-chemical properties

  • Alcoholic strength by volume: 14%.
  • Total acidity content: 5,40gr/l.
  • Residual sugar: <2 g./l.
  • pH: 3,42.
  • Natural with cold and stay in barrel
  • 0.45 microns when bottled